In accordance with the provisions of article 5.1 of the organic law 15/1999 of protection of Personal character data, we inform you that the data you provide to us through the different forms will be incorporated into their respective files belonging to Libreria Gumo / Gustavo Ogando Varela

• Paragraph customers form aims to the collection of data from the client to carry out the commercial transaction and, where appropriate, issue the corresponding invoice in your name.

• The information collected from the section data of shipping is used to manage the shipping to the recipient of the products purchased.

• Paragraph users is intended as customer mailbox and is intended to facilitate communication between customers and users with the company. 

The data collected in the different forms are stored under the confidentiality and the legally established security measures and will not be disclosed or shared with companies or entities outside library Gumo/Gustavo Ogando Varela.

These files are duly registered in the Spanish Agency of protection of data under the current legislation. The response to the fields listed in the forms are mandatory and their failure will make it impossible that library Gumo/Gustavo Ogando Varela can formalize the commercial transaction, or hinders him bringing you the required information.

Right of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation:

You may exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation of the data, as set forth in article 25 of the Dr. 1720 / 2007, communicating with the legal person responsible for the file, through the email account, or at the postal address; 

Library Gumo
AVD. Orense s/n
27200 Palas de Rei (Lugo)
Our secure server ensures the privacy of the data that conveys. Such privacy is achieved by using the SSL protocol, encrypts the data sent via the RSA encryption system, in such a way that no one can appropriate them since it does not have the required key. (You can check that your browser is secure if the padlock symbol appears or the URL is not beginning with http but https.)