We offer secure payment

 When you make a payment through the web site http://libreriagumo.com/es/, all the information relating to it will remain secure at all times. During the transfer, the data are encoded.

How do we protect your payment by credit card?
We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems of Internet: the SSL protocol. (For more information, visit www.ssl.com). All your personal details are protected and encrypted before sent for processing.

What is SSL?
Recent advances in technology of servers and browsers facilitated the use of web services without electronic fraud-related concerns. An example of this is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), developed by Netscape, a security protocol submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as Internet draft. Basically, the Protocol allows the browser and server of a web session to authenticate one another and protect information which subsequently flows between both points. Through the use of cryptographic encryption and digital signature techniques, Protocol: allows browsers and web servers to authenticate each other. It allows the web site owners control access to servers, directories, files or services; allows to share confidential information (such as, for example, credit card numbers) between the browser and the server, keeping it inaccessible to third parties; and it ensures that the data exchanged by the browser and the server can not corrupt, either accidentally or deliberately, unless it is detected.


Use Visa / Mastercard / Paypal

Library Gumo/Gustavo Ogando Varela has the highest measures of security commercially available in the sector. In addition, the payment process works on a server security using the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using algorithms of 128/256 bits, claiming to only be intelligible to the computer of the client and on the Web site. In this way, by using the SSL protocol is guaranteed:

  1 that the client is communicating your data server Centre bookshop gumo/Gustavo Varela Ogando and not anyone else who tried to impersonate this.

  2 between the client and Server Library Center gumo/Gustavo Varela Ogando data is transmitted encrypted, avoiding possible reading or manipulation by third parties.

  In addition, library gumo/Gustavo Ogando says Varela, who do not have access to confidential data relating to the means of payment used, and therefore not stored. Only "Paypal" and Sermepa system have access to these data by way of management of payments and collections and are inaccessible to other third parties.

We take this opportunity to remind you that payment by credit card is fully guaranteed to be through bank payment gateway. This means that once pressed the button to checkout, you will be redirected to a page of the Bank (BBVA concretamenten) where there you have to enter your card details to make the payment. (These data are only accessible by the Bank, and we can not see them).

In this way, the banks have payment gateways that implement the latest technologies in security, encrypting all communications that occur when making a payment, to ensure the reliability and privacy of the service.

In addition, in Libreria Gumo, we hired the payment SECURE 3D of BBVA, which ensures that only the card holder can make the operation, since the card itself is not enough, but it is necessary to facilitate a PIN code or secret key known only the holder of the same. In this way, we want to ensure the maximum safety of our users.